Carbon Marine G3LR (One-piece) Push-pole: 21' DELIVERED in FL

The Carbon Marine G3LR represents the most advanced push-pole ever created and the only push-pole cured in an autoclave. The G3LR is a one-piece carbon fiber push-pole that is lighter and stiffer than any push-pole on the market.  The G3LR push-poles offers a unidirectional texture that results in a non-shiny matte finish with extraordinary grip even when wet or slimmy.  No other push-pole on the market uses these state-of-the-art elements to produce a very light, strong stiff push-pole.

The Carbon Marine G3LR is a one-piece carbon fiber push-pole designed to give the most discriminating angler the best push-pole ever produced in the World. The G3LR tube weighs 2.6 ounces per foot. A 21' G3LR tube weighs 3 lbs 6.6 oz with an the industry standard inside diameter of 1.25". Each G3LR is backed by our extraordinary service in the event you have an accident, or wish to make a change to your G3LR. Give us a call and will work diligently to give you the absolute best service in the push-pole industry, most often at your front door.

The G3LR comes with a warranty against leaks and joint separations. If water enters the push-polewe simply bring you a brand new G3LR.

Best of all, Carbon Marine will delivery your Carbon Marine G3LR anywhere in the State of Florida for free. If you live outside of the State of Florida, please call (813) 928-9887 to discuss delivery or shipping options BEFORE you order.  Delivery outside of Florida may involve additional costs.  (Note: delivery window of 1 to 21 days from date of purchase.)


Carbon Marine G3LR Push-pole
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