TillerPillar a carbon fiber tiller handle extension

TillerPillar: a carbon fiber tiller handle extension made from aerospace-grade carbon fiber and epoxy. Available in lengths from 12 to 36 inches. The TillerPillar weights 3.67 ounces per foot. Installs in seconds: slide the tapered end over the rubber grip and tighten the nylon knobs. The TillerPillar grip area is treated with a non-slip texture so even with wet hands you can safely twist the throttle. Lifetime warranty on tube structure. Most skiff builders regonize the TillerPillar is the best tiller handle extension on the market.  

The quoted length of the TillerPillar is the overall total length. So if you order an 18in TillerPillar and your rubber grip is 5 inches in length, you will net an additional 13 inches of length to your tiller arm.

To assure a proper fit we ask for measurements of the rubber grip portion of the tiller-grip for each order.  We compare your numbers to our database and library of steel mandrels. The best method to measure is a micrometer, but a cloth tape-measure does well also. Or, you can use a piece of string, mark it, then measure the marks on the string.  Do not attempt to wrap a metal tape around the grip. If you have any question please call us (813) 928-9887.


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